Visual overview – visibility and influence of our publications

High-quality research with a global impact

The Faculty of Science has a strong influence on the scientific community. We proudly show our dedication to research excellence by the number of articles and citations. We carry on a legacy of influential research and global innovations. We love discovering new findings and broadening and enriching our scientific knowledge of the world.





  • SCI –articles of the Faculty of Science
  • Together – joint articles of SCI and other faculties
  • Rest of MUNI – articles from other faculties of Masaryk University

Our faculty produced over half of the articles the entire university published from 1990 to the present. The graph shows the ratio of our faculty's articles to the total output of the university.

Our Influence on Science

The Faculty of Science is a dominant force in scientific research and innovation at the university. Our faculty members are both passionate teachers and prolific scientists who are involved in pushing the boundaries of research. The number of articles we produce shows our dedication to adding to the scientific knowledge base. The number of our publications is increasing every year and represents most of the publications of the whole university.

High-quality research – high citation rates

Our research greatly impacts the scientific community, as shown by the overview of the citations of our articles by faculty and university. The citations of our articles reflect the recognition and relevance of our research. The faculty consistently produces research that is recognized and cited by scholars around the world. Each citation of our article expands the impact of our research.

A legacy of excellent outcomes

We strive to produce high-quality research, as shown by the average number of citations per article. The high number of citations per article shows the importance and effect of our research in the scientific community. The research outcomes of the faculty are remarkable within the university and compared to Charles University. A summary of the citations of articles by our faculty and entire universities in different research fields shows our strong influence on the scientific community.

Every article contributes to the advancement of knowledge about the world.

Source, Thomson Reuters

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